Our Team

Joining us in raising the next generation of scientific thinkers is an outstanding team of educators: including both highly accomplished secondary teachers, and talented scientists & tertiary educators turned teachers – an astrophysicist, a biochemical engineer, an ex-associate professor of chemistry, and an ecological biologist to name a few – bringing a wealth of knowledge, classroom experience, and real-world expertise.

Andrew, one of our chemistry teachers, in the school laboratory

Dr Andrew Try

Chemistry Teacher

Andrew was awarded his BSc(Hons) and PhD (Organic Chemistry) from The University of Sydney, before pursuing post-doctoral research work at the University of Cambridge (antibiotic resistance), The University of Sydney (metal-ligand self-assembly) and the University of Texas at Austin (fluorescent anion detectors), before formally commencing his academic career at Macquarie University, where he lectured and led a research group, synthesizing and studying the properties of new molecules, spanning the fields of chiral liquid crystals, non-linear optical materials and fluorescent sensors. Andrew’s first exposure to teaching was managing a group of 10-12 first year chemistry students during weekly laboratory sessions, in his Honours year and throughout his PhD. Whilst working at the University of Texas at Austin, he taught second year chemistry classes of 300-400 students for two years, which confirmed his passion for teaching and marked the turning point of his career from reasearch to education. Having taught HSC Chemistry for several years, for Andrew, the chemistry laboratory is central to making connections with key components of chemistry curriculum. Experiential learning results in deeper and stronger associations with content: Seeing a deep-yellow precipitate form from two clear solutions has more meaning than learning lead(II) iodide is yellow. The scent of pineapple or citrus following the small-scale synthesis of ethyl propanoate or octyl ethanoate, respectively, is more memorable than “esters smell sweet”. Moments matter.

Chris Chong - English Teacher

Chris Chong

English Teacher

Chris, 8 time HSC marker...

Dr Gavin Marshall - Physics & Engineering Teacher

Dr Gavin Marshall

Physics & Engineering Teacher, Outdoor Education Coordinator

After training and working as a chemical engineer – focusing in thermodynamics, design and LEAN methodologies – and achieving a B.Sc. (Chem), B.E. (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) and Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Thermodynamics) at The Univerity of Sydney, Gavin turned his focus to teaching (his favourite aspect of his research career). This took him to the U.K. where he completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education through the Researchers in Schools program, taught the Physics A-level at schools and ran engineering outreach programs. Since returning to Australia he has been teaching HSC physics for the past 3 years, focusing on practical applications, engineering design and challenging students to think beyond the school curriculum. Gavin is also an obsessive rock climber and qualified guide (with 15 years experience around the world) and has developed an outdoor climbing program at the school focussed on helping students to connect with the world outside, to build teamwork and risk assessment skills, and to sneak physics lessons into sport.

Lok, our shorts wearing maths teacher

Lok Yun Li

Mathematics Teacher

Tiffany Huang - Chemistry Teacher

Tiffany Huang

Chemistry Teacher

Yomna Rezk - Biology Teacher

Yomna Rezk

Biology Teacher

Yomna was a practicing dentist before finding her passion lay in teaching, and has ...