Welcome to
Sydney Science College,

Sydney’s first STEM high school, designed exclusively for year 11 and 12 students who are passionate about science and aspiring to become our future scientists, doctors, inventors & engineers.

The school, commencing in 2020, was born out of our ambition to create a place where high school science education can flourish.

Our path in education started in 2003, at the front gates of James Ruse Ag. on our final day of high school, when we had the ambitious idea of running HSC head-start courses to pass on our hard-earned knowledge, exam skills and growing appreciation of science to the younger cohort. With the support of our principal we began our little endeavour whilst studying science at university, teaching out of our old-school’s classrooms in the holidays. We’d also put in time at the school’s science department, teaching university level physics and chemistry to olympiad students during the term.

We soon found that we had a real knack and enjoyment for teaching, and what started as a hobby during our university years grew into a full-time profession. In 2006 we founded our specialist science tutoring college, the proving ground where we have been testing and refining the education programs that will be used in our new high school.

Our hope is to bring together the most gifted of science educators and the most enquiring of students, in an environment ideal for teaching and learning.

Joey Tsao & Shaun Balnave,
Co-Founders & Co-Principals

School Campus


Our school is designed for students who have an enquiring scientific mind and an ambitious drive to learn, and want to make the most of their final 2 years of high school.

Our teachers are carefully selected for their proven ability to teach, depth of knowledge and real-world experience in STEM fields.

With a record low 6:1 student to teacher ratio, close mentorship will be interwoven into culture of the school, allowing students to take great academic strides in theory and practice, and to build character by working under the guidance of mature role models.

To get a deeper insight into our school, please read through our school prospectus.

Open Days & Enrolment

Enrolments are now open for Year 11, 2020, with a limited intake of 40 students. The enrolment process involves an entry test and an interview.

To express your interest in learning at Sydney Science College, or to attend an open day, please fill out the form, or leave a message for us on 98681095.

Sydney Science College is located at 47 Beecroft Road, Epping NSW. Open days and opportunities to take the entry test will occur throughout December & January.

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New Beginnings

School Exterior

Locality | Nestled in the centre of the Epping town centre is a hidden piece of history. As Epping locals, the charm of this high white brick wall, that seemed to be from a bygone era, has always intrigued us, and after a few years of investigation and chatting with the seniors of the town (some nearing 100 years of age!) and learning of its history, we knew that we had stumbled on something magical. Well known by the seniors of the Epping as the “old theatre”, Cambria Hall was built c.1915 to serve as the civic center of Epping, which was just emerging as a suburb from a small farming town. In the 1935, at the height of the golden age of cinema, Cambria Hall was extensively renovated and refurbished in the art-deco style and reopened it's doors as a majestic single screen movie theatre. After decades of entertaining Epping's flourishing populace, however, it met the same sad demise as most of Sydney's small theatres, it's grand windows and foyer and lush interior replaced with aluminium shopfronts and covered with advertising signage. But now, with the incoming wave of high-rise apartments, we hope to be a reminder of Epping's history as we preserve and once again make this establishment into a cornerstone of this humble suburb that we call home.

School foundations

Foundations | In order to meet and exceed rigorous modern day building codes, the foundations of the ~100 year old Cambria Hall had to be renewed. This delicate exercise required an application of our physics knowledge in consultation with our structural engineer and builders to come up with clever methods to dig underneath the existing building, pour in new concrete footings, and install large steel beams, while supporting & preserving the original brick structure above. Much of the raw steel structure has been featured in the school’s interior, to allow students to be gain an interest in the commonly hidden and unappreciated structural components of buildings.

School Interior

Light | To maximise natural light and air flow, we individually designed each window and worked with a team of highly skilled steel artisans to create these beautiful constructions. Fine steel work is quickly becoming a lost art ever since aluminium took over the market, and we would like to bring back the classic strength and elegance of steel windows that were a mainstay of industrial architecture in the 1800’s.

School whiteness

Whiteness | Rejecting the normality of plasterboard and modern polymer-based paints,we discovered the beauty of lime based construction. Formed when limestone is fired in a furnace, lime was one of the original binders used in construction for millenia, before the discovery of cement. In Feb 2019, we got together with ~10 of our students who were fresh off completing their HSC, to revive the near lost artisanal skills of lime working, and over the course of many months, we developed a close relationship with the material. Over time, the lime reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to reform into limestone, creating pure white masonry, reminiscent of pre-modern architecture. As you venture through the school, you will witness skillful lime plasterwork that envelop our windows, as well as brick, concrete, steel & timber surfaces washed in lime. These breathable surfaces will absorb excess heat and humidity as well as release them in times of need, producing a truly moderate environment, while bathing the school with natural light dispersed by its microcrystalline structure.

Our Proving Ground

Tutoring college

Founded in 2006, our tutoring college of the same name was a place away from the usual restraints found in high schools, where we had free reign to create education programs that were different and highly effective, and test them among the most ambitious of students. Along the way, we've helped hundreds of students to achieve at the highest level in the HSC, through a real understanding and enjoyment of science. As the new High School opens next year, the tutoring college will continue to serve as a place where students from every high school can have access to quality science education.