High School Campus

Welcome to Sydney's STEM High School,

designed exclusively for year 11 & 12 students who are passionate about science and aspiring to become our future Scientists, Doctors, Inventors and Engineers.

The school, established in 2021, was born out of our ambition to create a place where high school science education can flourish, with students receiving the stimulating challenges and individual mentorship they need to develop the depth of thought, work ethic and lifelong learning skills that will see them thrive in their tertiary studies and future STEM careers.

Our path in education started in 2003, at the front gates of James Ruse Ag. on our final day of high school, when we had the ambitious idea of running HSC head-start courses to pass on our hard-earned knowledge, exam skills and growing appreciation of science to the younger cohort. With the support of our Principal we began our little endeavour whilst studying advanced science at university, teaching out of our old-school's classrooms in the holidays. We'd also put in time at the school's science department, teaching university-level physics and chemistry to Olympiad students during the term.

We soon found that we had a real knack and enjoyment for teaching, and what started as a hobby during our university years grew into a full-time profession. In 2006 we founded our specialist science tutoring college of the same name, the proving ground where we tested and refined the education programs now being taught at the school. Along the way, we've helped hundreds of students achieve at the highest level in the HSC, through a real understanding and enjoyment of maths & science.

Sydney Science College brings together the most gifted of educators and the most ambitious of students, in an environment that fosters investigation and creativity, to nourish and inspire the thinkers and inventors of tomorrow.

Joey Tsao & Shaun Balnave,
Co-Founders & Co-Principals

Our Team

Joining us in raising the next generation of scientific thinkers is an outstanding team of educators: including both highly accomplished secondary teachers, and talented scientists & tertiary educators turned teachers (an astrophysicist, a biochemical engineer, an ex-associate professor of chemistry, and an ecological biologist to name a few), bringing a wealth of knowledge, classroom experience, and real-world expertise.

On Campus

Light filled and airy, with exposed foundations of concrete, timber and steel, and vibrant with diverse plant-life, the school's interconnected learning spaces stimulate thought, and pique one's curiosity into the forms and functions that exist in nature. At the heart of the College are our university-standard teaching laboratories, where students can immerse themselves in real scientific inquiry to understand and explore concepts firsthand.

Click on the photos below to get to know some of our teachers, and for highlights of the school's design and construction.

Academic Program

Learning through Mentorship

We have a record low 6:1 student to teacher ratio, which makes every moment in the classroom interactive and engaging. Individual attention and real-time feedback allows students to embark on a rigorous problem-based approach to learning―the ideal way to learn maths and science, as it fosters critical thinking and builds a strong working knowledge. Students also build character as they study under the mentorship of good role models, developing into mature and socially responsible young adults who are equipped to thrive in the challenges of life.

Hands-on Science

We know that students learn science best by 'doing' science—that is, by practising the scientific method, whereby one gains reliable knowledge about nature through logic & critical thinking, and by gathering empirical evidence through observation & experiment. It's the same method used by doctors to make successful diagnoses, engineers to deliver solutions under real-world constraints, and researchers in every field to make new discoveries.

Under the close guidance of our teachers, many of whom have published novel scientific research and have the experience of running undergraduate laboratories, students will immerse themselves in real scientific enquiry to understand and explore concepts firsthand, building strong independent analytical skills, and gain a deeper insight into both the scientific method & the processes responsible for modern-day technologies.


Year 11 is dedicated to mastering the fundamentals of the 3 natural sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology); gaining command over the language of science (Mathematics Advanced & Extension 1) and honing the ability to communicate ideas effectively (English Advanced & Extension 1). Co-curricular Coding and project-based Engineering Design step-up from the preliminary HSC subjects of Software Design & Development and Engineering, and students can train for and compete in the Australian Science Olympiads.

Year 12 provides an opportunity for students to focus on their areas of interest, choosing at least 2 Science subjects, and having the option to take up Science Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, and English Extension 2.

Students wishing to study additional subjects from the arts and humanities, such as languages and music, will be able to do so through external providers including the Sydney Distance Education High School and the NSW School of Languages.


Sports & Fitness

With regular exercise being key to maintaining health and wellbeing, and able to boost memory and thinking skills, Wednesday afternoons are dedicated to school sports―both recreational and competitive. Sport will focus around rock climbing–both indoor sport climbing and indoor bouldering. Climbing is an ideal activity for students to be individually challenged and yet support each other, and builds resilience and problem solving skills. Students will have the opportunity to apply their indoor climbing skills to a annual outdoor climbing excursion. Other sporting activities are made available throughout the year according to student interests. Our sports program is supplemented with more general physical activities such as gym, and tailored fitness programs run by a professional sports trainer, to help students make regular exercise an enjoyable & rewarding habit.

Creative Workshops

Hands-on creative workshops will be on offer to students throughout the year―pottery, metalworking, carpentry, horticulture and barista training, to name a few, taught by acclaimed Sydney artisans.

Outdoor Learning

Students attend several annual outdoor education camps which deliver social and developmental experiences, and rich opportunities for students to grow in tenacity, responsibility and character in an outdoor environment.


Students learn to think computationally in computing labs with our resident data scientist, where they learn to code in Python (the scientific programming language of choice) in order to analyse data and find numerical solutions to some of the interesting and complex problems encountered in science and mathematics.

Engineering Design

Students learn engineering control theory, and design & build machines on our industry-standard manufacturing technology, discovering first-hand how math, sciences and coding can come together to solve practical multidisciplinary challenges.

International Olympiads

For the most ambitious of students who want to be challenged well beyond the NSW curriculum, the school will run training programs for the Science & Mathematics International Olympiads. These programs take students to university-level studies, with the opportunity to compete for selection to represent Australia in international competition.

Year 11 Early Entry, for Advanced Year 9 Students

A special 3 year senior program is available for talented & forward-thinking students in year 9, who are already well advanced in their studies of mathematics and can't wait to extend and challenge themselves in the sciences.

Students begin year 11 a year early, sit their core HSC subjects in year 12, and then begin a year 13 devoted to the more challenging HSC extension units, and a bespoke project-based science program to enrich and extend them well beyond HSC examinology. By gaining a whole extra year to focus on their senior studies, students have the unique opportunity to attain a level of insight, confidence and mastery that will elevate their HSC performance, and give them an unrivalled headstart at university.


Entry Requirements

Entrance to Sydney Science College is selective, and places are limited, early expressions of interest are advised.

Students in Years 9 or 10 are eligible to apply for 2023 and 2024. Upon receipt of a fee-free application, candidates will be invited to sit an entrance exam, and those successful will be invited to interview with the Co-Principals.


Fees for Academic Year 2023 are $28,500 per annum, payable in monthly installments. Fees for Academic Year 2024 will be announced early in 2023.

We take the complication out of school fees and other costs by bundling them all into this single annual fee (inclusive of tuition, course materials & equipment, personal computing devices (currently a Macbook Air and iPad), excursions, and all co-curricular & school sporting activities).

Open Days

Join us for an Open Day, of which there are several throughout the year, where you can:

  • Come on a tour of the school campus.
  • Meet and chat with our teachers, and find out what to look forward to in their classes and co-curricular activities.
  • Hear firsthand from some of our current students about what it's like to learn at Sydney Science College.

To discuss applying for January 2023 or 2024, or to register your interest for a future year, please fill out the form below or call us on (02) 9868 1095.